Empowering healers to prosper with courage and compassion

 You are here to make an impact in healing the world 

You deserve to be richly compensated for your work 

You know it’s time to be bolder, play bigger and share your gifts 

I’m here to help you get there

I'm Johanna Alper, founder of Medicine Buddha Coaching and the creator of The 5 Elements of Prosperity for Holistic Business Success.

For the past 40 years, I've had a successful 5 Element Classical Acupuncture and teaching business. I understand the challenges you face in growing your business. Today, I‘m on a mission to help healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs like you attract more clients, create prosperity and make the impact you’ve come here to make. 

Yes, you’re here to heal the world, I’m here to help - But how did it all start? 

After teaching acupuncture for many years, my heart ached seeing talented graduates failing to successfully launch their healing practices. Most healers have incredible gifts, but lack the entrepreneurial skills to create a successful practice. Unfortunately, these skills are not taught in our healing schools. My passion for helping other healers succeed grew to the point that I needed to do more. I embarked on a journey to master spiritual business coaching and I never looked back. 

With my background in 5 Element Classical Acupuncture, knowledge of Chinese Principles of Success and 50 years of compassion meditation training and teaching, I realized my unique brilliance lies in using the magic of Nature's 5 Elements to help my students and clients thrive and succeed. Your business is a living system too! By applying the success principles of the 5 Elements to the areas of business that bring in revenue, you can have a thriving practice. 

My healer friend, want to know the best part? 

Once you understand this organic business system, marketing and sales will be more easy and fun. With the grace of the 5 Elements of Prosperity and my mentorship, you’ll learn how to succeed with confidence, integrity and joy. 

Ready to combine the magic of your work with financial success? 

When we work together, we’ll explore the best path for you and your business. As a heart centered mentor for holistic businesses, a soul-aligned and compassionate approach always comes first. 

In order to have a thriving business you need all of the 5 Elements of Prosperity:

  • Fire - Your heart’s unique radiant brand 
  • Earth - Your soul aligned niche 
  • Metal - Your prosperous money flow 
  • Water - Your work-life balance
  • Wood- Your big vision implemented

In your initial assessment we'll discuss The 5 Elements of Prosperity to assess your current business model. This assessment will help us learn where your business is at and the steps needed to set you on a path to success and prosperity.

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Lou Stenger,  Inner Marriage Connection

"Receiving coaching from Johanna has given me the support and confidence to keep moving forward on my entrepreneurial path. She helped me clarify the people I serve and I'm energized by her sessions with me. Medicine Buddha Coaching is awesome!"

Pat Roe, Ph.D

“At the Branding with Archetypes workshop, Johanna’s wise guidance and challenging but do-able exercises provided a crucial foundation for next steps. This was deeply satisfying, inspiring, and helpful in a way that nothing else ever has been.”


Sarah Hallowell, MSW, BCST

"Johanna has helped create a Big Turn in My World that reaches well beyond my Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy business to the depths of who I am. I now stand in a place of greatly expanded confidence, will, and inner support."


On a personal note...

At 77, I’m blessed to be full of vitality and also enjoying a lot of adventures and fun. I'm extremely passionate about bringing together the spiritual world and practical financial success and helping people heal, especially during these challenging times.

Here’s some things that have helped me live with vitality, purpose, prosperity and joy:

  • Heart-full relationships light my soul
  • I love to dance and be in nature most every day
  • I enjoy classical and world music, art, and hiking with friends 
  • I started practicing mindfulness and compassion meditation in 1971, began teaching in 1973, have been on numerous solitary retreats up to a month, and led a 30 day meditation intensive in 1982
  • My clients’ well-being and success are my             #1 priority 
  • I believe in magic and can’t wait to make magic together!

It’s your time to shine as the talented healer, coach, psychotherapist you are, and I’m here to help!

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