"Vitality and beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its laws."

~ Leonardo da Vinci    


Welcome - I’m delighted that you are joining this adventure to "Ride Your WindHorse" 

The Tibetan word LungTa (WindHorse) is Lung (Spirit) - and Ta (Horse). It conveys the inherent wakefulness of Spirit Energy that always exists. In learning to access this you can receive power and confidence to release fear and lift-up your life. 

This book will offer inspiration and proven practices to help you tune into, rouse and Ride Your WindHorse”.  If you’re ready for an adventure to live with more radiance and confidence amidst everyday pre-occupations, burdens and feelings of “not-enoughness”, this book is for you. It’s time for a fulfilling, magical life of meaning and joy.

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Ride Your Windhorse: Ancient Medicine Wisdom for Vitality & Holistic Business Success 

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What others are saying about the book:

 “Unique, entertaining, helpful information"

"You and your book offer humility and dignity and emanate warmth, love, and Basic Goodness"

"Uplifted, quick easy and digestible reads"

"A gift to read it; brings new hope"

"Your writing is lovely, clear and concise, the quotations are so apt"

"Good for practitioners who have lost a few degrees of their compass"

"The strength of your voice as a 75 year old woman is inspiring and so real”

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