"Vitality and beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its laws."

~ Leonardo da Vinci    


Welcome - How delightful that you are joining this adventure so that both your Wellness and your business thrive with the  5 Elements of Vitality, Joy, and Prosperity.

Johanna is the author of 2 books about the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine to be published in 2023 

Wild Spirit Wellness: Ancient Medicine Wisdom for Vitality, Ease and Joy”   and

Your Business Is a Living System – the 5 Elements of Prosperity for Holistic Business Success.

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What others are saying about the books:

“Unique, entertaining, helpful information"

"You and your books offer humility and dignity and emanate warmth, love, and Basic Goodness"

"Uplifted, quick easy and digestible reads"

"A gift to read - brings new hope"

"Your writing is lovely, clear and concise, the quotations are so apt"

"Good for practitioners who have lost a few degrees of their compass"

"The strength of your voice as a 77 year old woman is inspiring and so real”

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Johanna is a passionate teacher, mentor and dynamic speaker on a mission to inspire excellence and conscious leadership in the healing communities.


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