Ignite Your Business

withĀ The 5 Elements of ProsperityĀ 

Empowering Healers with Courage & Compassion



Ignite Your Business with The 5 Elements of Prosperity 

Empowering Healers with Courage & Compassion


Welcome Dear Healer,

Now more than ever the world needs your gifts and change-making spirit.

You know it's time to:

  • Market your business in a Heart-Centered way to attract your clients you love to serve
  • Make more money, increase your impact and gain back your freedom with ease
  • Enjoy running your business with vitality and inspiration for years to come

You're here to change the world, it's in your heart .... Thats where I come in.

Master marketing your holistic business with skills that are aligned with your spiritual values. Together with Nature's 5 Elements as described in Chinese Medicine, we'll propel your business success and create the lasting income and impact you crave.

Begin the journey to Holistic Business Success today with

The 5 Elements of Prosperity.

Here’s how we can work together so you can accomplish your goals.

Author & Speaker

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Holistic Business Coaching

~ "Ignite Your Holistic Business" Group Program

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~ "5 Elements of Prosperity" Coaching Certification

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Nirete Llopis, NireteLlopis.com

"The program was in alignment with me especially morphing my business at a time when we all needed to be online. What really drew me to the program was how it’s centered around the 5 Elements and understanding ourselves and our businesses on a mental, physical and spiritual nature. I especially appreciated the one-on-one sessions with Johanna to really dig into the specific things I needed to work with and having that personalized time was very important."

Hello, delighted to meet you

I’m Johanna Alper, a 40 year practitioner and teacher of Classical 5 Element Acupuncture and a holistic business coach. I assist healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs like you attract more clients, create prosperity and make the impact you’ve come here to make. With the grace of the 5 Elements of Prosperity, I can help you learn to thrive with authenticity, joy and ease.

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Throughout this site, you’ll see references to Nature’s 5 Elements, also known as the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. 

Each Element/Energy (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) pertains to a different aspect of your business. By applying this wisdom, you can Ignite Your Holistic Business Success.

Fire | Passionate Visibility 

  • Develop your radiant, aligned and confident brand
  • Attract the clients who are looking for you in the crowded marketplace.

Click below to learn how applying the Fire Element can help you stand out.

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EARTH | Aligned Service

  • Define your niche and grow your practice
  • Leverage your energy and time with programs and packages 

Schedule your complimentary 5 Element Business Assessment to find out how the Earth Element can help you serve with joy. 

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METAL | Prosperous Mindset

  • Open your mind and heart to abundance and money flow
  • Release subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck in scare-city

Schedule your assessment today to learn how the Metal Element will help you increase your prosperity. 

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WATER | Sustainable Marketing

  • Immerse in Water's power to find work/life balance
  • Ditch the adrenaline with Oxytocin (relational) marketing 

Click below to learn how the Water Element will help you market with sanity and ease. 

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Wood | Dynamic Growth

  • Implement your vision and newly aligned business strategy
  • Turn sales conversations into enrollment success

Grow your business with the Wood magic of quantum leaps!

Schedule your complimentary session today to learn how. 

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Chris Capitell, RootHealthCO.com

"The week after I did the Branding with Archetypes Workshop I magnetized 5 new clients into my Cranio-Sacral and Massage practice. In less than 5 months, I more than tripled the return on my Investment in Johanna’s private premium program. I highly recommend anyone in a healing practice to work with Johanna."

Patrick Dorsey, LMT ZBHA Board President

“Johanna’s 5 Elements of Transformational Marketing Conversations workshop to the Zero Balancing Structural Acupressure Community was of great value and very well received. I found it fun, unique and inspiring, and it has re-energized my approach to marketing my work with potential clients.”