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12 Month Online Group Program 

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Imagine having a prosperous holistic business where your marketing is naturally aligned with your authentic spirit, heart, and style... and have time freedom to enjoy all the other aspects of your life.

Even if you are very introverted, you can learn to successfully market and increase your practice, income, and impact... without overwhelm. 

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In this program you will learn to apply Nature's 5 Elements to: 

  • Ignite your unique, radiant, and heartful brand so you can shine brightly in today’s crowded marketplace with confidence

  • Clarify your niche, identify and speak directly to your aligned clients so your marketing becomes easy and enjoyable

  • Learn to leverage your time with programs and packages to help you go beyond marketing 1-by-1-by-1 sessions 

  • Break through old limiting money beliefs that are keeping  you from the power, impact, and prosperity that you deserve

  • Learn the power of “Oxytocin Marketing” where you educate and connect to potential clients with curiosity, respect and deep rapport

  • Master the art of Life/Work balance to experience deep relaxation and creativity in your business 

  • Gain the clear vision, plan and confident decision-making skills to achieve your goals

  • Spur into quantum growth with compassionate and successful sales invitations 

  • Learn to enjoy enrolling clients as an extension of the loving communication of your work  

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FIRE - Passionate Visibility 

Use the Branding with Archetypes® Process to:

  • Discover Your Unique Brilliance and personal archetypes

  • Share your genuine spirit, personality and passion in all your marketing

  • Develop your radiant, aligned, and confident brand

Attract the clients who are looking for you 

EARTH - Showing Up In Service

Define your niche and grow your practice

Get crystal clear on:

  • Who is your ideal client?

  • What is their pain and struggle that you help them solve?

  • What is their pleasure and goal that you help them achieve?

Expand your reach, impact and income with group and premium programs, so that you can go beyond one-by-one-by one session marketing

METAL - Prosperous Money Flow

Open your mind and heart and bring in more prosperity

With Metal you will:

  • Discover your unique Sacred Money Archetype's® strengths and gifts 

  • Become aware of and release your subconscious blind-spots and challenges that block you from receiving financial abundance.

  • Experience the healing power of releasing guilt, shame or resentment about money

So you and your business can prosper. 

WATER - Sustainability

Harness the Healing power of Water:

Grow Work/Life Balance

  • Relax and do less to accomplish more 

  • Ditch the overwhelm with Oxytocin Marketing

  • Dive into one main marketing strategy that gives the highest results. (FB Lives, blogs, videos, workshops...) 

So you build your business sustainably and avoid burnout

WOOD - Implementation

Spring into Action

Make quantum leaps in your business:

  • Possess a powerful vision, solid business plan and confident decision making

  •  Market to prospective clients with ease and heart 

  • Turn your sales conversations into enjoyable communication with the Heart-Full Enrollment Invitations script

 Successfully grow the Glorious Garden of your business

If you stay doing what you are doing, where will you be 6, 9, or 12 months from now? 

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Chris Capitelli

"The week after I did the Branding with Archetypes Workshop I magnetized 5 new clients into my Cranio-Sacral and Massage practice. In less than 5 months, I more than tripled the return on my Investment in Johanna’s private premium program. I highly recommend anyone in a healing practice to work with Johanna."


Patrick Dorsey
LMT ZBHA Board President

"Fun, Unique, Inspiring, of Great Value"

“Johanna’s 5 Elements of Transformational Marketing Conversations workshop to the Zero Balancing Structural Acupressure Community was of great value and very well received. I found it fun, unique and inspiring, and it has re-energized my approach to marketing my work with potential clients.”

Pat Roe, Ph.D

“The Very Best Marketing Training I have ever had!”

 “At the Branding with Archetypes workshop, Johanna’s wise guidance and challenging but do-able exercises provided a crucial foundation for next steps. This was deeply satisfying, inspiring, and helpful in a way that nothing else ever has been.”

What can the 5 Elements do for you and your business?


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Jumpstart Session

Personal 60 Minute Session

“5 Elements of Business Success VIP” to assess and ignite Your unique business (Value- $1,497)

Jumpstart Session

Branding with Archetypes® process

to identify and communicate the unique Soul of Your Brand: Spirit, Mission, Passion, and Personality in all marketing materials (Value- $997)

Jumpstart Session

Sacred Money Archetypes® Reading

Identify your personal Money DNA- Learn to play to your unique gifts and strengths, not your blind-spots and challenges so you can make and keep more money (Value- $297)

Monthly 30 minute private Business Planning Meeting w/ Johanna


Assess and set your clear goals every month so you know exactly what you need to focus on. 

Weekly 75 minute 5 Elements Teaching and Coaching Calls 

(replays available) 

This is where the magic happens! Every week we'll dive the deep into how each of the 5 Elements will support you and ignite your business.

Weekly Implementation & Q&A calls 

(replays available) 

Is important to implement as you learn. Have questions, feeling stuck, want to co-work? These implementation calls are perfect to keep your momentum going. 

Private Facebook Group 

Additional mentoring, support, encouragement,  accountability, feedback, and cheer-leading 

You're encouraged to ask questions, collaborate and I'll be there to lend extra support. 

Monthly Marketing & Copywriting Training plus additional Guest Expert Sessions

Monthly marketing training with marketing strategist plus additional business trainings to set your business up for success 

 Accountability Partner  

Having a partner that is growing their business with you is priceless. Add an extra layer of friendship, support and accountability throughout the program 

If you're ready to ignite your holistic business this year with a proven system designed specifically for healers like you, this program is for you.  


Let's chat and start your application. 

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Meet Your Mentor

I'm Johanna Alper, the Healers Coach and founder of Medicine Buddha Coaching. For the past 40 years, I've had a successful 5 Element Classical Acupuncture and teaching business. I understand your pain, and have discovered an organic and non-aggressive way to help you attract and serve more clients and prosper.

After over twenty years of teaching acupuncture, I saw that the economy had shifted. I was heartbroken to see graduates who were such amazing healers failing to successfully launch their healing practices. So many healers and light-workers have incredible gifts, but lack the entrepreneurial skills to create a successful practice. I took the leap to learn and master spiritual business coaching. I became certified in accredited business building coaching, and skilled at what I had never expected– marketing and prosperity coaching using Nature’s 5 Elements to help healers thrive and be successful.

You can have a thriving practice and I can help you get there!

If you stay doing what you are doing, where will you be 6, 9, or 12 months from now?  Apply today for a relaxed conversation

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