Attract 10 Clients in 90 Days Program

Grow Your Holistic Business in 5 Heart-Centered Steps



As a Highly-Sensitive coach or holistic practitioner 

  • You probably dread marketing
  • Or even think you’re not good at it
  • But did you know Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower?
  • Your Heart-Centeredness is a Huge Advantage in today’s business landscape. 
  • You are asking for  Prosperity, and Prosperity is calling you!
  • Your business is a living system, and Nature will show you the way to abundance-- all you need is some guidance to tap into its power.

How would it feel to

  • Attract clients in a natural, genuine way, congruent with your heart and soul, just as you like to show up?

  • Magnetize ideal clients who resonate with your unique message and come to you? No more chasing or trying to market in a way that feels icky!

  • Enjoy the marketing and sales process, even as a highly sensitive introvert?

  • Rest deeply because you're making more money and enjoying sharing your important work?


Chris Capitelli,

"The week after I did the Branding with Archetypes Workshop I magnetized 5 new clients into my Cranio-Sacral and Massage practice. In less than 5 months,
I more than tripled the Return on My Investment in Johanna’s private premium program. I highly recommend anyone in a healing practice to work with Johanna."



Christina Dunlap-Moore

"It was an absolute joy to work with Johanna in the "Attract 10 Clients in 10 Weeks" program - I attracted 7 clients including a 6 and a 12 month client. When I didn't attract all the 10 clients Johanna continued to work with me to do so. I know this is just the beginning of my brand growth/journey. I can't wait to see how much I grow with even just the guidance she's provided so far! And overall I got a 2.5 Return on My Investment"


Ready to combine the magic of your work with financial success?

The "5 Elements of Holistic Business Success System" helps you upgrade both your own energy and your skillsets. Then you can have a prosperous practice using Nature’s 5 Element Prosperity Principles as described in Chinese Medicine.

Working together for 90 days you will be attracting clients you want to work with in a authentic way.

After 90 days you will be so grateful you took action and committed to yourself and your business growth. 


It’s Time to Co-Create with Nature! 


 with the "5 Elements of Holistic Business Success System"


FIRE - Passionate Visibility 

With the Branding with Archetypes® Process: 

So you can attract the clients who are looking for you 

EARTH - Showing Up In Service

Define your niche and grow your practice

 So you can leverage beyond one-by-one session marketing and expand your reach, impact and income with group and premium programs.

METAL - Prosperous Money Flow

Open your mind and heart 

So you can receive more prosperity!

WATER - Sustainability

Harness the Healing power of Water

So you avoid burnout and sustainably build your business 

WOOD - Implementation

Create and implement your powerful vision

So you can successfully grow the glorious garden of your business

What's Included:

Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Johanna

During these private 45 minute sessions we will: 

  • Assess your 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success
  • Envision your 3-6 months business goals and help you dissolve resistance
  • Put your plan in place with the support of the 5 Elements  

Twelve Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Meet on Zoom  Wednesdays 

1 pm - 2:30 pm MT

  • These calls are where we'll be working with the 5 Elements to help you attract and serve 10 more clients and make more money and impact 
  • It's where the magic really happens and you get coaching within the group
  • These weekly calls are recorded and available in your FB Portal

Two Group "Get-It-Done" Co-Working Sessions 

  During these co-working sessions, you'll: 

  • Benefit from distraction-free time with guided visualizations to help you focus
  • Get your questions answered 
  • Have the opportunity to get feedback from your peers

Exclusive Coaches and Holistic Practitioner Community

This is your safe space to: 

  • Get your questions answered in between sessions 
  • Put into practice what you’re learning

Connect with and build your network of highly-sensitive, like-minded holistic practitioners, coaches, and course creators.

Branding with Archetypes® Workshop 

We Kickstart the program with this process to help you: 

  • Discover your unique brand archetypes to create your personal radiant brand 
  • Shine brightly in the crowded and noisy marketplace
  • Implement your archetypes to communicate more confidently online, in print, or in person

Documents & Downloads to support your learning 

With every weekly call and homework, you'll get: 

  • Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Scripts (if applicable)


Lifetime access to your portal

Even after the 90 Days, you'll be able to access: 

  • Call recordings 
  • All  downloads

Paid In Full Bonuses 

When you Pay in Full for your 10X90 program, you will also receive:

1- A 45 minute Sacred Money Archetypes® reading (Value $197) which helps you join personal and spiritual growth with practical financial success.

Discover your unique $ DNA, and how to play to your financial gifts and strengths instead of your unconscious shadows and blindspots, so you can make and keep more money.

2- An extra bonus 45 minute Business Visioning session with Johanna (Value $397).

I’m ready to dive in, what’s next?


If you know it’s time to take your holistic, coaching, or teaching business to the next level, now is the time to get started.

The price will increase for the next round... and see my No-Brainer Guarantee below -


Investment for Attract 10 Clients In 90 Days


Program Value ($2,997)

Current Program Savings Price


Program Payment Plan

5 Monthly Installments of


Paid In Full
Payment Plan

Sarah Hallowell, MSW, BCST

"Johanna has helped create a Big Turn in My World that reaches well beyond my Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy business to the depths of who I am. I now stand in a place of greatly expanded confidence, will, and inner support."

Pat Roe, Ph.D

 “At the Branding with Archetypes workshop, Johanna’s wise guidance and challenging but do-able exercises provided a crucial foundation for next steps. This was deeply satisfying, inspiring, and helpful in a way that nothing else ever has been.”


Have questions? Want to make sure this investment is right for you?

Investing in your business growth is a big deal, I get it and I’ve been where you’re at.

This will be an intimate group of highly sensitive coaches and holistic entrepreneurs progressing in a safe space together. It's important that you feel secure in your decision and you're committed before you invest.

If you don’t think you are ready for this program, I’ll be the first to tell you.

Fill out the form below and schedule a no obligation conversation with me to learn if this is the right fit for you. 

Nirete Llopis

"The program was in alignment with me - especially morphing my business at a time when we all needed to go online to thrive. What really drew me to the program was how it’s centered around the 5 Elements and understanding ourselves and our businesses on a mental, physical and spiritual nature. I especially appreciated the one-on-one sessions with Johanna to really dig into the specific things I needed to work with and having that personalized time was very important."

Patrick Dorsey, LMT ZBHA Board President

“Johanna’s 5 Elements of Transformational Marketing Conversations workshop to the Zero Balancing Structural Acupressure Community was of great value and very well received. I found it fun, unique and inspiring, and it has re-energized my approach to marketing my work with potential clients.”


As a healer, holistic practitioner, or heart-centered coach, you have an important mission.  

As a highly sensitive courageous entrepreneur I know you came into this game with a vision for the legacy you want to build for yourself--and for this world.

Whether that legacy is to:

  • Help heal as many people as you can
  • Create a body of work with your gifts
  • Train and teach others in your modalities
  • Become a thought leader that inspires others to thrive in life and business

You have a purpose that is calling you--that's why you're reading this!

If this is you, if you hear the calling, you’re ready to shine brighter and make the inncome and impact you’re here to make…

It’s time to co-create with Nature, claim prosperity in your business and abundance in your life...and enjoy your journey!

You can have a thriving practice and our working together can help you get there. 

Yes I'm Ready

Meet Your Mentor

Hi - I'm Johanna Alper, the Healers Coach, and founder of Medicine Buddha Coaching. For the past 40 years, I've had a successful 5 Element Classical Acupuncture and teaching business. I understand your pain and aspirations, and have discovered an organic and non-aggressive way to help you attract and serve more clients and prosper.

After over twenty years of teaching acupuncture, I saw that the economy had shifted. I was heartbroken to see graduates who were such amazing healers failing to successfully launch their healing practices. So many healers and light-workers have incredible gifts, but lack the entrepreneurial skills to create a successful practice.              I took the leap to learn and master spiritual business coaching. I became certified in accredited business building coaching, and skilled at what I had never expected– marketing and prosperity coaching using Nature’s 5 Elements to help healers thrive and be successful.

You can have a prosperous practice and I can help you get there!


A loving note to take into consideration

 This Attract 10 Clients in 90 Days is not appropriate for you if:

  • You’re unable to put in at least 3 focused hours per week towards it.
  • You’re not willing to open your mind and look at your business with an "outside the box" view.
  • You’re resistant to gently leaning into courage, stepping beyond your “comfort zone” and implementing new skill sets ~ that is where the magic happens.
  • You’re not ready to trust -  trust Nature’s wisdom (and mine), trust the process, and trust in yourself

 Gina Stenback, Co-Founder, Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

"Watching Johanna’s body of work with the 5 Elements/Energies of nature and Chinese principles has been a great inspiration. Johanna has a true gift of understanding how to implement these powerful energies into your business that makes it almost effortless to market and grow your holistic business and do it with joy. Especially as a heart-centered, empathic business owner, I highly recommend working with Johanna."

Generous Guarantee

If you show up, participate, do all the work and haven't attracted 10 clients after 90 Days, I'll keep working with you until you do!

Yes I'm Ready!